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iPad wireless control

Control any function in your system from the convenience of your iPad tablet in the comfort of the vessel's saloon lounger or RV's fold out deck chair.

iPad Control

Control lighting circuits individually, groups of circuits or complete Mode selection. Set the mood or environment to match what you're doing.

Light Control
Battery Control
iPad Monitoring

Monitor House Battery State of Charge, Voltage and Current usage. See how much endurance you have until you need to supply the system with charge.

Activate a specific single function or a complex group of circuits with a single press from your iPad.

From setting up your RV with a single press by dropping vehicle stabilisers, opening slide-out accommodation and easy access steps, to raising your fore-peak table, activating the onboard stereo or turning on USB power sources individually.
RV Controls
Marine Controls

iPad Screen RV
Wireless Interface

The Wireless Interface (WI) is a digital switching interface module designed to connect your tablet to the CZone network over Wifi. Handling up to 3 devices the WI can offer connectivity of its own internal Access Point or can interface with other Wifi network systems on your vessel.

Use the built-in Ethernet port for a better connect to an existing network.

Wireless Interface

Wireless Touch
Wireless with the Touch 5

Achieve the Wifi network to network, or network to device connectivity as the Wireless Interface directly from the compact Touch 5 display.

The Touch 5 wireless is perfect for smaller systems without an existing wired network.


Wireless Keyfob

Key-less control for your car is now just a way of life. From central locking and boot opener, to engine start and stop.

Industry leading boat and recreational vehicle manufacturers understand the benefits of key-less functionality to ensure their products are innovative and packed features, from controlling start-up and shutdown of house batteries, to illuminating deck lighting for safe easy access in low light conditions.

Control up to 4 different functions or utilise a predefined Mode of operation from each CZone key-fob remote.

Key fob


CZone has partnered with Sentinel Marine Solutions to bring the control and monitoring of your system from the boat and put it in your hands, anywhere you can get data coverage.

This includes bilge pump alerts, circuit activation, position movements or any other function you may need while away from your system.


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