Marine Chartplotter & Fishfinder Integration

CZone has partnered with leading electronics manufacturers to deliver full function Mode selection and configuration, individual Circuit control and system Monitoring centrally from your dash.

Power Integration

Needing a complete power source and digital switching solution? CZone's extensive Mastervolt Integration means you can balance power sourcing, power storage and output to nearly any circuit in your system. CZone's advanced digital switching capability will balance electrical loads and sources to ensure you achieve the best, most efficient power usage.

From managing DC charge from solar, wind or the engine alternator, to battery storage voltage. Converting AC mains or generator supply to DC for storage, or supplying or inverting stored charge to system circuits for use. Mastervolt's broad CZone integration will ensure storage and charge current is maintained to meet the demand of the system.




Works with CZone Program Simplifies Third Party Integrations

CZone, the worlds leading systems integration and digital switching systems, is set to integrate with even more 3rd party partners moving forward.

The Works with CZone program ensures users can buy with confidence knowing that any 3rd party integration that carry's the Works with CZone brandmark adheres to strict guidelines and is tested and validated by CZone's engineers.

Works with CZone benefits users, by reducing complexity, and automating systems commonly found on board vessels or vehicles. It also formalizes and simplifies the integration process for all parties involved, reducing cost and installation time for boat builders and RV Manufacturers.

The works with CZone program offers 3 levels of integration. Level 1 uses standard NMEA2000 and switch bank PGNS, for integrations such as connected switches or keypads, smart steering wheels with buttons controlling CZone modes or other devices. Monitoring displays or gauges showing tank levels or battery voltages.

Dometic HVAC

Control Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning with Dometic's CZone integration. Shutdown via Load Shedding to conserve battery storage.

Sea Recovery Watermaker

Integrate Sea Recovery production cycles to match surplus power generation to avoid unnecessary battery storage use. Trigger production when monitored freshwater tank levels become depleted.


CZone has partnered with Sentinel Marine Solutions to bring the control and monitoring of your system from the boat and put it in your hands, anywhere you can get data coverage.

This includes bilge pump alerts, circuit activation, position movements or any other function you may need while away from your system.


Siren Marine

CZone’s integration with Siren Marine further enhances your on and off water experience. Control and monitor all circuits, including power and fluid levels, shore power connection, and the GPS position of your vessel. You can also receive instant warnings and alerts to your mobile device notifying you of potential problems.

Power up systems from your mobile phone, even before heading to the boat. This eliminates the need to wait for systems to come online, reducing preparation time to give you more time on the water.


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