Love that look

Remove surplus toggle and push button switches and manage your electrical system directly from a central intuitive touch display, integrated multifunction GPS Chartplotter Fishfinder system or group switching through dedicated digitally programmable switches.

Modern 5" or 10" displays

Complement modern glass bridge dash styling with CZone's own sleek, modern and low profile displays. Available in both compact 5-inch, or spacious 10-inch for larger applications.

Multifunction integration

Enjoy complete control and monitoring of your CZone system through leading marine electronics providers of modern GPS Chartplotter and Fishfinder systems. From Lowrance, Simrad and B&G, through to Furuno, Garmin, and selected engine displays from Mercury and Volvo Penta.

Digital switches

Combine selected circuits into a single switch to make operation quick and easy. Program logic, timer or time-of-day switching into any digital switch.

The Riviera standard

Riviera standard-fit leading CZone digital switching technology, providing their customers with a single vessel-wide control and monitoring interface. With CZone, Riviera customers can focus on enjoying their time on the water rather than worrying about the complexities of the many onboard electrical systems.

Enduring partnership

CZone has proven reliability with over 10 years' experience in marine installations with Riviera. CZone's first installation onboard Riviera's 43 Off Shore Express 'Red Express' back in 2007 provides an unfaltering reminder of durable engineering and providing value to a customer. Since that industry leading installation, Riviera motor yacht customers have enjoyed the CZone benefits through the last decade.

CZone provides Riviera owners with reliable onboard power systems. The integrated system gives our owners more functionality with fewer components, straight forward and practical design makes installation simple. We have a partner that understands our requirements and provides Riviera the quality and reliability our owners demand.
Greig Payne, Electrical Manager. Riviera Yachts, Australia

Durability in the harshest conditions

CZone design and engineering principles ensure a focus on a system-wide approach to integration and system durability. CZone is proven in the harshest marine environments handling the complex requirements of onboard systems, such as those onboard the Volvo Ocean Yacht Race 65's. The built-in redundancy and protections within CZone not only maintain CZone's reliability, but ensures connected systems are effectively monitored and protected.

The Volvo Ocean Yacht Race has tested CZone's durability in some of the harshest conditions imaginable.

CZone digital switching technology is standard on some of the most demanding applications across the globe. Volvo Ocean Yacht Race have tested CZone in some of the harshest sailing conditions imaginable. The VOR65 fleet's complex requirements proving testament to the power and capability of CZone.

Smart engineering offers more protection

CZone has been engineered to be both durable and offer protection and redundancy and protection to other onboard systems. With manual fuse overide, quickblow digital fusing, alarms and trigger function logic, you'll be safer on a CZone smart boat.

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