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Touch 5
Touch 5

The compact Touch 5 is small but mighty, offering a powerful touch-screen interface for CZone's powerful digital switching. With a compact sleek design, the Touch 5 complements nearly any vessel dash or vehicle space.

The Touch 5 features a super-bright widescreen display, low profile 8mm dash mount and meets IPX7 ingress protection standards:

• Easy-to-use touch interface
• Glass dash styling
• Super-bright widescreen display
• Low-profile flush mounting
• IPX7 water ingress protection
• Built-in WiFi connectivity
• Micro SD Card Slot
• NMEA 2000 compatible

Built-in WiFi connectivity brings your CZone system into the wireless dimension, allowing full control of system functions – from Mode Selection, System Monitoring and individual Circuit Control – straight to your fingertips, no matter where onboard you are.

Touch 5 Wireless
Touch 10

The generously sized Touch 10 provides excellent view-ability and is the premium gateway into your integrated CZone system. Sleek and attractive, this display will complement the interior of any high-end application. But it's not all about looks - with the Touch 10, your CZone system is in good hands.

Capacitive high-bright touch display offers impressive daylight visibility with crisp graphic detail and elegant touch sensitivity. Full control offers an impressive wrap-sheet. Use Mode Selection to pick the right system configuration for you. Control and Monitor key system functions and status, from tank level to current draw.

• Easy to use touch interface
• Glass dash styling
• Low profile flush mounting
• NMEA 2000 compatible
• USB updatable
• Upgrade retrofit kit available

Touch 10

Digital Switch
Digital Switches

Retain complete control of your system through dedicated control of key functions with a broad range of interfaces.

Digital switches can be programmed to activate any range of desired functions. From entire system Mode Selections, individual circuits, time delayed circuits or multiple circuits controlled in sequence.

Digital Touch Button

Wireless Fob
Wireless Control

Remotely control your system via dedicated keyfob or full function iPad wirelessly.


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