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Modes offers a predefined system state at a single touch. Modes will turn on or off specified circuits based on the user's preference and the mode of operation required.

Modes can introduce logic to handle functions based specifically for that mode of operation, whether it be integrated components, like generator auto-start, or varied lighting configurations. If it needs power, Modes can take care of it in a single function.

  Mode selection
marine modes
Marine Modes

Boat Manufacturers offer a range of predefined Modes for the applications and systems built into their vessels. Custom modes can, however, be programmed to achieve any desired state for the system. Some common Modes include:

Day Cruise  

Day Cruising
Engine room venting, hydraulic control and trim tab pumps primed.

  Night Cruise  

Night Cruising
Ensure correct navigation lights are displayed and cockpit lighting is reduced, allowing for the safe navigation of the vessel.

Night Anchor  

Night Anchor
Keep minimal interior lighting on exit points for safety, while silencing non-essential audible systems.

  night entertainment  

Night Entertaining
Mood lighting and music system powered up, ready for a night of socialising onboard.

Dock Attended  

Dock Attended
Navigation lights and hydraulic systems off.

  Dock Unattended  

Dock Unattended
Bilge pumps and security alerts remain powered while other circuits isolated to reduce power draw.


Tuna tubes flowing and live well tank pumps operating.

  Night Fishing  

Night Fishing
Rear deck working lights sufficient for rigging bait and lures, with underwater lights illuminating the catch as it's boated.


Recreational Vehicle Modes

Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers offer a range of predefined Modes for the simple activation of the vehicle. Custom modes can, however, be programmed to achieve any desired state for the system. Some common Modes include:


Whether you're strolling the local sights, shopping, or getting a coffee in the local village, ensure your vehicle is left in standby for your return.

Use Modes to turn off non-essential circuits and appliances to ensure there's no unnecessary battery discharge while allowing fitted solar panels to help charge onboard power storage for the evening ahead.


Ensure optimum charge from the vehicles engine to the house battery storage. Alarm warnings can ensure awnings, slide-outs and stabilizers are all withdrawn and secure. Automatically shut-off LPG or CNG supplies during travel.

Day Living  

Day living
Daytime is a good chance to recharge onboard power storage, but keeping the fridge cool and interior power outlets active to charge devices is a convenience it's hard to live without.

Mode selection means you can turn off exterior lighting and surplus interior lighting, meaning power draw can be isolated to circuits you need through the day.

  Night Entertainment  

Night entertaining
Entertaining Mode can keep you the life of the party. Music on, fridge on, those are a few musts. Don't forget ample interior and exterior lighting.

Without the sun, you'll likely deplete onboard battery reserves. CZone's smart integration with your onboard generator will make sure things spark to life before you run out unexpectedly.

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