CZone has partnered with Sentinel Marine Solutions to bring the control and monitoring of your system from the boat or vehicle and put it in your hands, anywhere you can get data coverage.

This includes bilge pump alerts, circuit activation, position movements or any other function you may need while away from your system.

Sea Recovery Watermaker

Integrate key functions of onboard Sea Recovery Watermaker. Set parameters such as start production, start flushing, start rinsing, emergency break and stop. CZone digital switching has compatibility with Aqua Matic, Aqua Whisper DX & Aqua Matic XL systems and requires no additional hardware, with connectivity through standard NMEA2000 networking.

Dometic HVAC

Control your environment and maintain comfort with CZone digital switching and Dometic HVAC integration. Control Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning through Dometic will ensure your boat or vehicle's climate is just the way you want it. Whether it's a specific setup based on the system mode of operation or dedicated control using one of the CZone digital switching interfaces, set parameters such as temperature, operating mode, fan mode and speed from within your CZone system.

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