FURUNO® and CZone® Announce World-Leading Integrated Vessel Technology.

Posted on: 5/18/2016 7:00:00 AM

Auckland, May 18th 2016 –
CZone®, a brand of BEP, the global leader in marine electrical systems and components, and FURUNO, the industry leader in marine electronics and the most awarded company by the National Marine Electronics Company (NMEA), today announced an exciting new collaboration.  The next generation FURUNO NavNet TZtouch2 multi-function displays are now fully integrated with the CZone range of digital switching technology. This creates a fully integrated vessel solution that allows the boats circuits and systems to be monitored and controlled through the NavNet touch displays, adding the simplicity of a digital switching solution within the same single touch screen display.


“FURUNO, as an industry leader with over 60 years’ experience in marine electronics and winner of 212 NMEA awards since 1971, has partnered with CZone to provide a seamless user experience across navigation and power management. With the growing acceptance of digital switching across the whole spectrum of boats sizes and styles, we considered it important to build this integration with CZone as the leading digital switching platform.” said Kazuma Waimatsu, General Manager of Product Planning and Marketing.  “From controlling lighting configurations to monitoring critical levels, CZone technology provides one-touch simplicity and control of all the vessels systems in an integrated solution.”


A pivotal function offered by CZone intelligent technology is removing the one-to-one relationship between switches and the items being controlled. Instead, multiple devices can be bundled into a mode, controlled together to simplify the operation of the vessel and improve safety. Multiple modes can be created, enabling the boater to make the correct decision at the appropriate time via touch screen, tablet or key fob.  One touch to go boating, one touch to shut down, one touch for evening cruising, or a single touch customized to the boater’s preference. 


The fully customizable user interface of the FURUNO TZtouch2 screens means that shortcuts to monitoring data and switches can be layered over any of the display options to allow for quick access.  In addition, redundancies in the system and user-friendly alerts provide added confidence while at sea.


“Busier lifestyles mean time on the boat with friends and families is precious. Boaters want the operation of their boat to be easy, with a turn of the key or a touch of a button be able to go and enjoy the water without the stress” said Jarrod Sagar, BEP Marine Business Leader. “Our CZone technology allows this intuitive operation that has become part of daily life in our homes or cars. Complete control of the vessel’s operation with a single touch. With FURUNO’s aim to provide total control of the boat’s systems in one user interface, it made sense to integrate with the CZone system”


The integration is scheduled on all new models of the FURUNO NavNet TZtouch2 multi-functions displays in Q3 2016, including the 12.1” TZTL12F and 15.6” TZTL15F models. Owners of existing TZtouch2 displays will also be able to access the full functionality after downloading and applying a software upgrade to their current hardware. Owners should check with their local distributor to find out when the update will be available in their area.

For more information please visit www.navnet.com, www.bepmarine.com